Minecraft Mob Race...
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Minecraft Death Swap 3...
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Minecraft, But My Friend Is A Dog...
Minecraft Speed Runner Vs Mutant...
Minecraft Speed Runner Vs Assassin...
your name
your name Prieš 8 val
Friend 😅
DatDopeyCat Prieš 8 val
Awais Nizami
Awais Nizami Prieš 8 val
I think he cares about playing and recording and nothing else bruh
Gamer of All time
Gamer of All time Prieš 8 val
Good thing that I subscribed to all of them after this video
Roerei Youtube
Roerei Youtube Prieš 8 val
The safe musician scilly observe because dressing notably undress regarding a cowardly christopher. telling, whimsical save
LittleThena_ WGF
LittleThena_ WGF Prieš 8 val
George: oh dream look a bee is like you! Dream'sPOV: How dare you to be like me pissh of suits! Bee:*die* *Proud Dream* 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Shan Kerby Pili
Shan Kerby Pili Prieš 8 val
Joanna Avelia
Joanna Avelia Prieš 8 val
This video made me tear up seeing george laughing and dream laughing too I teared up😭😭😭 I actually cried
qcg7 Prieš 8 val
qcg7 Prieš 8 val
Victoria Estrella
Victoria Estrella Prieš 8 val
George I’m sooorrrryy but you and dream act soo gay
Zainal Azhar
Zainal Azhar Prieš 8 val
become zombie
nai_isthebest Prieš 8 val
*George does the intro* *Dream stares out the window*r
Luna MøønlightLover
Luna MøønlightLover Prieš 8 val
I'm happy how dream is the first person george see with his real colour TwT,it's an happy tears 😭
blumi ÒwÓ
blumi ÒwÓ Prieš 8 val
PIS? It is a lustful platform in my countryXD
A l l i s h a
A l l i s h a Prieš 8 val
liptonekUwU® Prieš 8 val
You Skin Name is WoW Steve
zenitsu ml gaming
zenitsu ml gaming Prieš 8 val
Dream and george Really are Cool😂
Gringo Goober
Gringo Goober Prieš 9 val
lots of gasp
LaurenIsMeme Prieš 9 val
“Diamonds for sale! Get your... fresh... steamy... hot... diamonds!” -Dream, 2020
Austin Curran
Austin Curran Prieš 9 val
the way Karl fell out the tree at the start
Péter Henzsel
Péter Henzsel Prieš 9 val
Dream at 26:24 enderTRAIN other birds: HONK
Maximus Piaseczny
Maximus Piaseczny Prieš 9 val
I know why dream is named dream because he does big brain plays
Gabe Gamer
Gabe Gamer Prieš 9 val
8:30 are we not gonna talk about the farm on the edge of a rivene
Dream face reveal is like mrbeast
Laura Prieš 9 val
I’m sorry, I cried at the end
Spencer Boyum
Spencer Boyum Prieš 9 val
“I shot myself” -Dream
Zukito Playsss
Zukito Playsss Prieš 9 val
1:59 when girls see me walking in school
Water Bucket
Water Bucket Prieš 9 val
Dream: wheezes Captions: music
Dianne Mason
Dianne Mason Prieš 9 val
The erect bedroom phylogentically shiver because risk clinically copy despite a direful downtown. stereotyped, useful quicksand
Xplay Prieš 9 val
I like idea a lot
nayayaya Prieš 9 val
2:18 cow and pig caught in 4k 📸
mcfs 08
mcfs 08 Prieš 9 val
Do another pls
sean Prieš 9 val
18:45 "meh" "MEEEHHH"
Apaan sih
Apaan sih Prieš 9 val
Dream is happy when you can see colors omg
_-Vlad_-Negoita_- Prieš 9 val
OMG, poor George :(
Soren Hopkins-Goff
Soren Hopkins-Goff Prieš 9 val
He said fists you mean PaWs😦😦
Kiki11 Prieš 9 val
Susanne Honeycutt
Susanne Honeycutt Prieš 9 val
0:37 the little ahhh eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
kamy ol
kamy ol Prieš 9 val
This was the cutest minecraft video ever
regina pangilinan
regina pangilinan Prieš 9 val
regina pangilinan
regina pangilinan Prieš 9 val
regina pangilinan
regina pangilinan Prieš 9 val
regina pangilinan
regina pangilinan Prieš 9 val
haahah im so beryclo
abdullah bombastic
abdullah bombastic Prieš 10 val
2:00 xD
Confusion eueue
Confusion eueue Prieš 10 val
23:13 CH S: 69 M: 69 SH S: 69 M:69 noice
Delia Play’s
Delia Play’s Prieš 10 val
How can Dream transform in a parrot 🦜?????????
Kian FP
Kian FP Prieš 10 val
Dream : **breathes with his nose** George : well that’s smart
Adner Rivera
Adner Rivera Prieš 10 val
I really thought the tittle said “Minecraft but I’m an Asian”
The FNAF Channel
The FNAF Channel Prieš 10 val
The song in the beginning makes me cry
Austejas Smailis
Austejas Smailis Prieš 10 val
Next video i turned dream into a dragon
Toby Padgett
Toby Padgett Prieš 10 val
Dreams smart
HT1 Prieš 10 val
7:04 battle cry
ABMRTjr Prieš 10 val
George should have tried to put the horse armour on dream from the ruined portal
Geetika Pachauri
Geetika Pachauri Prieš 10 val
who would dislike such a wholesome video?
Vanessa Playzzz TOH
Vanessa Playzzz TOH Prieš 10 val
me be like dream leave your boyfriend alone😆
lemon seeds
lemon seeds Prieš 10 val
Aww that means dream is usually his yellow 😭🥺
Jesus Prieš 10 val
He fr keeps screaming at dream asif he controls it LMFAO
Chantalle Espinosa
Chantalle Espinosa Prieš 10 val
0:56 Dream what the hell are you doing to this poor chicken ?? xd
Alma Michelle Chucas
Alma Michelle Chucas Prieš 10 val
1:37 im not colorblind but i really can't see what number is in there
Kesav S P
Kesav S P Prieš 10 val
Where s unda the tree song?
Nahla Mulrain
Nahla Mulrain Prieš 10 val
I watch this years ago before the dream smp I left it then my sister introduced me to dream smp and I remembered that I used to watch you
Aaron the Maker
Aaron the Maker Prieš 10 val
This vid is so realistic with this
Clxudy Skies - Roblox
Clxudy Skies - Roblox Prieš 10 val
6:00 lmao
Mark Can
Mark Can Prieš 10 val
This feels illegal
Vertun 793
Vertun 793 Prieš 10 val
Dream is best humans friend.
Elena Kovacs
Elena Kovacs Prieš 10 val
You + dream=Best frends
Chandra Prasetya Dewi
Chandra Prasetya Dewi Prieš 10 val
wait i thout dream is gona k, yu g.
wambiling corn
wambiling corn Prieš 10 val
Ezekiel Chakra
Ezekiel Chakra Prieš 11 val
Dream is good can george
Jakob L.
Jakob L. Prieš 11 val
This is strangely wholesome
Ezekiel Chakra
Ezekiel Chakra Prieš 11 val
Dream is nice. at angry hhehehehehhe
Aryka Motley
Aryka Motley Prieš 11 val
This looks like the same seed as the SMP
Ezekiel Chakra
Ezekiel Chakra Prieš 11 val
Dream is much better if she a wolf
Alif Hairul Anwar
Alif Hairul Anwar Prieš 11 val
16:39 it's literally gave me a heart attacks when george screaming and dream suddenly show up.
Shaurya vir Singh
Shaurya vir Singh Prieš 11 val
part2 pls
Ezekiel Chakra
Ezekiel Chakra Prieš 11 val
Dream is a wolf she's good if she wolf Hahahhahahah
Green Prieš 11 val
We need to co-operate Me: This will not end well
debra rawson
debra rawson Prieš 11 val
polish andy
polish andy Prieš 11 val
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